5 Ways to boost workplace morale

If morale is up so is productivity! By keeping a happy team you’re more likely to keep a happy bottom line, but how can you brighten the office on a typical Monday? With the ever present importance of mental health in the work place employers are making more effort to keep moods up in thew workplace but how can you do this?

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1. Acknowledge Good Performance

Rather than breaking team members down, build each other up! If someone closed a deal say well done, if work goes out early comment on it. Anyone who goes above and beyond for your customers should be appreciated for doing so so make the most of those players.

2. Gestures and surprises

Brighten a Monday with treats, bring in cakes, fruit platters or some Sainsbury’s doughnuts even! A little treat can make someones day and kick start the week especially when it’s unexpected. Charles Dickens said “A very little key will open a very heavy door.” As he recognised a little goes a long way, this can be said for gestures in the work place.

3. Monitor and engage

Ask those around you how they’re doing? Actively listen and ask questions, build relationships and take an interest in your coworkers. Ask if anyone else wants a tea when you go and make one. The average person spends 1/3 of their life at work, it’s much less daunting if you like your colleagues.

4. Celebrate Birthdays

It will cost nothing to acknowledge a birthday. If possible put aside a budget for birthday cards each month, it will help your team feel more appreciated and shows personal care.

5. Reduce unnecessary stress

Where possible reduce your workplace stress by ensuring supplies are available, communication is flowing and any difficulties are dealt with as soon as possible with if appropriate update to all those involved.


Remember if morale is up so is productivity so, buy a fruit platter, have a chat, make a coffee and keep your workplace positive!

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