The Hub Update- WiFi and Broadband!

What’s Happening?

Over the course of 6 months we have been  working to improve our overall internet throughout the centre with the help of Stickman Technology. We were pitched an system with much faster speeds, secure networks for each company within the building and the ability to control our lease line so it isn’t a free for all where one person can slow the upload and download speeds for all users.

The internet upgrade has been a major success thanks to the cooperation from our fabulous tenants, some very long days and a lot of hard work from our team.

Why upgrade?

Now we can offer our tenants

  • Secure WiFi Credentials
  • Download speeds up to 100mbs
  • A confidential network for their company
  • A reliable connection
  • Potential for a dedicated “slice” of our improved leased line
  • Variety of packages depending on your speed and data requirements
  • Fixed IP addresses
  • Confidentiality on your network

If you want to know more about our new upgrade and its perks please contact 01473381400 or email

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