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Virtual and Registered Offices

We are now offering a service that allows you to keep your home address safe from being publicly listed on the Companies House Website.

By Law, a registered business address is a legal requirement of all LTD’S and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in the UK. Its purpose is to provide Companies House, HMRC and other relevant government bodies with an official address for delivering statutory mail and other legal notices.

It must be a full, physical postal address in the same part of the UK where your company is registered, i.e. England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Any residential or non-residential address is permitted, but often people prefer to keep their home details private.

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The Benefits

Due to the public disclosure of corporate information, the use of a residential address could result in unwanted visitors and unsolicited mail at your home.

Gain exposure in Google and search engines without having a photo of your front door being shown to anyone using the internet.

A non-residential address in a prestigious location will appeal to a broader consumer base and discerning investors.

More likely to be perceived as an established, credible business if you have a professionally registered office postal address.

A prominent location enables new and small firms to expand their geographical reach. This is particularly beneficial for those based in small towns or remote areas.

Your registered office does not have to be in the same part of the country where your primary trading activities are carried out, nor do you ever have to visit it. It is simply for receiving official mail and storing statutory records for inspection purposes.

You can get all this from just £16 per month